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Associated legal services


We guide our clients in the resolution of any conflict arising from the relationships between natural or legal persons.

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability
  • Liability actions against administrators
  • Construction law
  • Lease of movable and immovable property
  • Horizontal property
  • Easements
  • Claims for quantity
  • Procedures on validity, execution and interpretation of contracts
  • Claims related to the fulfillment and / or resolution of contracts, unpaid invoices, claims for damages
  • Procedures on resolution and termination of contracts
  • Successions, inheritances and wills
  • Separation and divorce. Marriage contract. Filiation and paternity
  • Incapacitations
  • Real and personal guarantees
  • Provisional and definitive executions of judicial resolutions


We provide legal assistance and legal advice in the processing and resolution of all types of files and administrative appeals as well as contentious-administrative appeals.

  • Intervention in all kinds of administrative procedures, drafting pleadings, reports and administrative resources: patrimonial responsibility of the Administration, urban management, licenses, etc.
  • Legal assistance in contentious administrative resources in all areas of administrative law: liability of the administration, urban management, licenses, etc.


We handle the representation of our clients, both in his role as creditors and debtors or bankrupts. We anticipate the constant legal changes that arise in this area. We actively participate in all stages of debt refinancing of our customers, seeking project feasibility and guarantees.

  • Review of contracts, analyzing the effect that can have for the parties in a hypothetical bankruptcy
  • Advice on bank refinancing and creditors, in order to avoid the bankruptcy of creditors
  • Filing for bankruptcy, both legal persons and individuals
  • Intervention piece rating
  • Defense against the actions of reintegration
  • Preparation of proposals for agreement and feasibility plans
  • Advice and training prior agreement proposal


We are expert lawyers in the judicial and extrajudicial resolution of conflicts and corporate banking and project financing. We offer legal advice and assistance in litigation and transactional banking law.

  • Refinancings and debt restructuring
  • Claims for mortgage expenses
  • Claims for annulment clause variation limit interest rate ("floor clause")
  • Claims for annulment of IRPH
  • Extensive experience in claims for investment in risk banking products: participative shares, preferred shares, subordinated bonds, etc.


We offer legal advice on the acquisition, transmission, modification and termination of rights on real estate, mortgage law, real estate, registration and real estate assets on the public sector.

  • Advice to companies and individuals in all types of transactions which concern real estate: solar, commercial, residential, tourist or hotel complexes, etc.
  • Drafting of all types of preparatory contracts: price advances, purchase options, sales promise, etc.
  • Advice on real rights, horizontal property and leases
  • Disputes concerning the existence of faults and defects in real estate construction

COMMERCIAL and corporate LAW

We provide a comprehensive legal advice to companies. We advise on all parcels of the legal life of businesses and commercial traffic, and perform an accompaniment in the search for solutions to all your legal needs.

  • Drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts: commercial distribution contracts (agency, franchise, distribution, etc.) and contracts of sale and supply
  • Intellectual Property: advice on all matters relating to trademarks, trade names, patents, unfair competition, etc. Design protection policy trademarks and designs, legal assessment of potential violations thereof, and implementation of appropriate legal measures
  • Bank refinancing and payment settlements


We have a high degree of expertise and extensive professional experience in defending the interests of individuals and legal entities. We detect problems and needs of our customers, to offer them the most appropriate strategy procedural law, including advice on prelitigiosa phase.

  • Corporate crime. Criminal law firm
  • Crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order
  • Crimes against Public Finance and Social Security
  • Crimes against privacy and self-image
  • Crimes against honor (libel and slander)
  • Documentaries falsehoods
  • Crimes against intellectual property
  • Crimes against the market and consumers
  • Crimes against people (injuries and reckless homicide)

Febrer Asesores is an office with more than 50 years of experience in comprehensive counseling, both to companies and individuals.

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