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We advise our clients in the planning and creation of new companies and professional projects, studying in each case the optimal structure and personality to carry them out.

  • Point of Attention to the Entrepreneur (PAE), authorized by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, which allows us to set up companies more quickly and economically, through the Single Electronic Document (DUE)
  • Constitution of Corporations (Limited, Professionals, Corporations, etc.)
  • Constitution of Civil Companies
  • Companies Individuals
  • Registration in the Commercial Registry
  • Legalization and updating of Minute Books and Books of Partners
  • Advice on Fiscal and Labor obligations
  • Advice on other legal and formal obligations (municipal, regional, etc.)
  • Guidance on data protection, prevention of occupational risks, etc.



The Tax Department of Febrer Asesores offers permanent or specific advisory services in tax matters, both to companies and individuals. Febrer Asesores belongs to the Professional Association of Tax Consultants of the Valencian Community (APAFCV), which guarantees a professional reference service.

  • Registration of all types of companies in the Tax Administration
  • Objective, Direct and Simplified Direct Estimation
  • accounting and tax closures
  • Resolution of tax queries
  • Assistance in tax inspection procedures
  • Assistance in management and collection procedures
  • Claims and appeals before administrative bodies and Economic Courts
  • Annual returns: Income, Equity and Companies
  • Periodic returns: VAT, withholdings and payments on account
  • VAT recovery of debtor clients
  • Non-resident tax study
  • Successions and donations
  • Advice on local taxes and fees
  • Reception and management of notifications from the Tax Agency

The accounting advisory department, linked to the tax advisory department, offers permanent or specific advisory service in matters of accounting regulations to companies.

  • Advice and mechanization of accounting business
  • Accounting in Direct Estimation and / or Simplified Direct Estimation
  • Preparation of Accounting Books (Daily, Major, Balances, etc.)
  • List of economic and financial management of your company
  • Legalization of accounting books and presentation of the Annual Accounts
  • Link with the taxation of your company (VAT, Companies)
  • Resolution of accounting queries
  • Quarterly information about the company's results


The labor counseling department offers permanent or specific advisory services, seeking the most advantageous application of labor and social security regulations in the ordinary management of the company.

  • Registration of a company in Social Security
  • General Regime, Autonomous, Agrarian, etc.
  • Labor hiring, bonuses and special working conditions
  • Calculation and preparation of payroll and quotation bulletins
  • Change of autonomous contribution base
  • Information on occupational risks
  • Connection to the RED system of the Social Security
  • Assistance in labor inspection procedures
  • Processing of employment regulation files (ERE)
  • S.M.A.C.
  • Calculation of the retirement pension
  • Processing of pensions of all kinds
  • Work life and contribution bases report
  • Immigration permits
  • Disabilities
  • Reception and management of Social Security notifications
  • Household employees: high, low and variation


Our legal advisory service offers the study and execution of the main actions in corporate, commercial and civil matters, with the aim of complementing the services provided by the other departments of the firm, thus offering comprehensive advice to our clients.

  • Constitution of companies and cooperatives
  • Obtaining a name in the Central Mercantile Register
  • Preparation and modification of corporate bylaws
  • Advice on corporate transactions: extensions and / or reductions of capital, modification of the board, expanding the corporate purpose, transfer of registered office, etc.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Due Diligence in business buying and selling processes
  • Drafting and legalization of minutes of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting
  • Preparation and legalization of the partner book
  • Registration and procedures before the Commercial Registry and the Land Registry
  • Certificate of Commercial data
  • Certificate of Deposit Annual Accounts
  • Study and drafting of leases of housing and business premises
  • Secretarial Service associations
  • Claims for debts and payment procedures


Our objective is to define a strategy for the integral management of the patrimony of our clients, that will allow to conserve it and to increase it in the long term by means of the organization and administration of the family and business patrimony; the legal optimization of the business and family patrimonial structure; and an efficient fiscal-financial planning. For this, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Restructuring of family wealth
  • Advice on real estate sales
  • Property valuations
  • Advice on tax efficient financial products
  • Planning the structure of the family business for exemption on Wealth Tax
  • Tax efficient succession in family business
  • Study and planning of loans and grants from family
  • Study and planning of wills and estates


In our office we have two certified administrative managers, belonging to the College of Administrative Managers of Valencia. At Febrer Asesores we advise you and manage any procedure of our activity.

  • Registration of any type of vehicle
  • Transfers and removals of vehicles
  • Cancellation of domain reservation
  • Driver's license renewal
  • Legalization in Tourism, Health and other public bodies
  • Registration in the Registry of Intra-Community Operators
  • Obtaining the NIE of individuals and companies
  • Patents and trademarks. Industrial Records
  • Notarial Procedures, Land Registry and Companies Registry
  • Lease contracts and other contracts in general
  • Obtaining a digital certificate for individuals and companies
  • Certificate of current tax liabilities
  • Certificate of contractors and subcontractors
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Certificate of sexual offenses
  • Building energy certificate
  • Apostle of the Hague
  • Licenses for hunting, fishing and weapons
  • Certificate of good conduct


Our economic-financial advisory service consists in analyzing the financial situation of the company and the economic profitability of it, guiding the client towards more efficient practices and helping him to optimize his financial resources.

  • Studies on the profitability of the company
  • Implementation of systems for management improvement
  • Management and control of the treasury of the company
  • Analysis of the financial needs of the company
  • Reordering and financial investment
  • Advice on finding funding for new projects
  • Expert economic-financial reports for labor procedures


We manage the administration of communities of owners of homes, garages, urbanizations, etc. Among the services we offer our clients, are the following:

  • Study and constitution of communities of owners
  • Obtaining the Tax Identification Code
  • Comprehensive administrative management of Communities
  • Control of bank accounts
  • Making of the Book of Acts
  • Claim to defaulters
  • Legal assistance service
  • 24-hour online community information service



Correduría de Seguros Febrer, S.L. offers the broadest catalog of insurance and financial products you may need. We are registered with the General Directorate of Insurance (under the Ministry of Economy and Finance), with the code J-162, as "Insurance Brokers", which allows us to intermediate and advise you with total independence of any insurer. Among others, we can offer you the following products:

  • Personal Insurance: life, accidents, pension plans, retirement plans, investment funds, ILT losses
  • Heritage Insurance: home, communities of owners, shops and offices, industries, pharmacies, fur shops
  • Vehicle insurance: cars, motorcycles, trucks and vans, industrial vehicles, coaches and caravans, withdrawal of driving license
  • Other Insurance: civil liability, electronic equipment, transport, breakdown of industrial machinery, legal defense, jewelry
  • Construction Insurance: construction risk, guarantees, 10 years ten-year guarantee, civil liability
  • Financial Products: temporary income, life annuities, profitability deposits


Febrer Asesores is an office with more than 50 years of experience in comprehensive counseling, both to companies and individuals.

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